Building Rapport

Introduction from Alana: Today, I’m so excited to introduce you to the incomparable, Karah Maloley.  I met Karah several years ago when she came to Kansas City for Kauffman FastTrac Facilitator certification.  At that time, we had opportunity to have dinner together.  It was a remarkable experience for me as Karah is a wonderful conversationalistContinue Reading

Be the Impresario

Earlier this year, I was inspired to begin organizing Networking- and relationship-building focused events under the banner of Coffee Lunch Coffee as a result of a three-hour workshop hosted by Seth Godin in New York City this past March. Held in the very cool Helen Mills Theater, Seth’s event, the “Impresario Workshop,” was derived fromContinue Reading

Secret Formula for Making Connections

Introduction from Alana: Recently, two friends introduced me to the super-high energy, DJ Waldow.  Several emails, two Skype calls and one podcast later, I’m lovin’ this former KC-guy who now lives in Emerald Hills, California – I have no idea where that is, but it is close enough to the Emerald City that I likedContinue Reading

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