Write a Letter

Last week, I delivered a luncheon presentation to a wonderful group, the ROMEOs (Retired Old Men’s Eating Organization).  This is a delightful cohort of more than 100 retired men who gather every week for lunch and a speaker.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience (I mean, really… as I said to them, it’s every girl’sContinue Reading

Stop! Take a Look Around

There’s an old expression, “the days are long, the years are fast.”  It’s been attributed to various sources over time.  Whoever said it first, next and last was so right!  Time does have a way of speeding by in a flash leaving us wondering where it went.  This is the case as parents, as professionals,Continue Reading

Downright Neighborly

Remember the show, “Cheers!” about the Boston-based bar?  You know, the place “where everybody knows your name.”  It’s a classic.  Part of the charm of the show, everything from the staff friendships, romances and rivalries to the way that everyone called out “Norm!” whenever the bar regular arrived, was the community it created. Well, itContinue Reading

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