The Thing About Free

The thing about free stuff is that, well, it’s free.  In the spirit of “you get what you pay for” and “you don’t value what you don’t pay for,” free is not always the best price to pay. One of my clients – before he was a client – once said to me, “I’d likeContinue Reading

Be Your Truest Self

In our culture, we have a tendency to compartmentalize our various “lives.” That is, we very distinctly have a home life, a work life and a community life – nary shall the twain meet! We do our very best to keep these lives as separate as possible. My question is… Why? We all come toContinue Reading

New Opportunities are Exciting (and a Little Scary!)

As I dropped off my 12-year old son, Ian, at middle school this morning to begin his seventh grade year, I saw in his face that familiar look of anticipation, anxiety, enthusiasm and trepidation. It reminded me that the unknown is laden with both excitement and fear.  Who will I hang out with?  What willContinue Reading

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