A Powerful Secret About Conversations and Relationships

Introduction from Alana: On Friday, I shared DJ Waldow’s “Secret Formula for Making Connections.”  Ready for another secret?  Today, it’s my pleasure to feature my dear friend, Don Gallagher.  Don is a thought leader in the areas of communications, personal effectiveness and the power of meaningful conversations.  An engineer by education, Don spent 25 years inContinue Reading

Being Awesome and Other Reasons to Join a Networking Group

Anybody who follows the Coffee Lunch Coffee platform with any regularity knows, in networking, I’m personally much more inclined toward one-on-one interactions vs. group events or formalized networking organizations.  That said, recently, I have found myself squarely belonging to two networking groups as an all-in member!  Allow me to describe both… Biz Chics.  In April,Continue Reading

Building Rapport

Introduction from Alana: Today, I’m so excited to introduce you to the incomparable, Karah Maloley.  I met Karah several years ago when she came to Kansas City for Kauffman FastTrac Facilitator certification.  At that time, we had opportunity to have dinner together.  It was a remarkable experience for me as Karah is a wonderful conversationalistContinue Reading

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