Altoids is a popular brand of breath mint.  Over the years, I’ve heard it told and often repeated that the success of Altoids is its “shareability” factor.  I don’t know how accurate my facts are, but I’m willing to bet money that there is some truth to the notion.  As it happens, the mints comeContinue Reading

What’s Your Genius?

Today, allow me to introduce my friend, Rebecca Korphage, of KOR Solutions.  Becca and I first came to know one another years ago when we both worked at Sprint.  Throughout the years, our paths have continued to intersect and find whenever I am with her, I learn meaningful and important concepts from her.  That’s noContinue Reading

Community Strong

“I can’t live one way in town and another way at home.”  -Atticus Finch, To Kill a Mockingbird   Less than 24 hours ago, my family and I were sitting in the beautiful Lewis and Shirley White Theatre at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City enjoying its stunning production of Harper Lee’s, “ToContinue Reading

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