Lest this sound like a paid advertisement (it is not), for the record, let me state I’m not typically fan of the practice of “speed networking.”  That’s where several [hundred] people gather in a room with lots of tables or desks.  They visit about who they are for about 5-10 minutes and then move onContinue Reading

The Privilege of Membership

Last week, my family and I enjoyed seven glorious days in sunny Florida.  We stayed on Captiva Island and took daily excursions from there.  One such activity was a “cruise” to a private island.  Aboard the boat, we were with about 100 other tourists and were treated to a memorable dolphin “show” by a mamaContinue Reading

Feeling Lucky?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  The beauty of a holiday like this is that anyone – and I mean anyone – who wishes to participate is invited to do so (in fact, the more, the merrier — everyone is Irish today), so I wish you the Luck of the Irish! And, speaking of luck, the IrishContinue Reading

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