Who Has Time?

Do you sometimes wish for an 8th day of the week?  You know, a day reserved to take care of all of the stuff you were unable to get to during the course of a typical 7-day week (let alone a 5-day “work” week!).  I sure do!  And, then it hits me that if weContinue Reading

“Call Me!”

Perhaps the most difficult part of any networking interaction is the initial outreach. It may feel like a great burden… to select the person to get together with, to suggest meeting, to offer up a place, time and location… the logistics, the responsibility, the work!  Many of us shirk the opportunity to connect simply becauseContinue Reading

Tips to Manage Your Digital Reputation

Introduction: Last week, I was invited to guest blog for a great company, Creelio, whose philosophy is that every business leader should be heard.  The digital experts at Creelio help their clients to develop content and to create a social media presence that reflects their clients’ authentic voices and shares their unique perspectives.  I loveContinue Reading

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