Make Your Case

Toni’s performance has been consistently outstanding over the last several years.  She’s taken on increasing amounts of responsibility, manages a large team, continues to come up with creative product and marketing solutions that generate stellar results for her company.  Senior management repeatedly tells her what an asset she is to the team.  She receives accoladesContinue Reading

Please Help! Topics Needed

Turns out, I’m very distracted today!  My Kansas City Royals take on the fierce San Francisco Giants tonight in Game 1 of the 110th Worlds Series!  Everyone in Kansas City is pinching themselves… there’s electricity in the air along with constant chatter about the hometown team.  So, in my home, we’re all wearing our Royals gearContinue Reading

Change of Place

In the boxing ring, the referee starts each round by sending the fighters to their respective corners.  Later, during the match, he sometimes has to separate the two opponents in order to break up fruitless tussles and make the game a bit more productive. Sometimes, in home life, a parent will say to a childContinue Reading

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